Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Music Tuesday: JØTNARR - 2015 - Burn And Bury

JØTNARR is a three piece black metal band from Colchester, UK. Burn And Bury is their second EP, released on vinyl by Superfi, React With Protest and Vetala and on CD and cassette tape by Prismatic. This is exactly how I like my black metal, stripped down to its fundamentals but still heavy and angry. While the basis of these songs is black metal, there is also some post-rock, hardcore punk and sludge in the mix. There are lots of tremolo guitars and shrieked vocals but also moments that reach towards beauty before being buried under a layer of sludge. 

Rise By Sin starts the album off fast and slows down about halfway for some sludge before some post-rock creeps in while Sunless starts with some melodic, almost beautiful post-rock before the vocals kick and things get sludgy and heavy. Hernswolf comes barreling out of the gates and doesn't let up, and Waldeinsamkeit closes things out with more post-rock beauty that builds into a sludgy, towering beast of a song. All four of these tracks play with the tropes of black metal while bringing in other influences to make sure the music doesn't stagnate.  JØTNARR is a band to watch and Burn and Bury has wet my appetite for more.