Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Recycled Earth - 2015 - Act Of Devotion

On their second EP Recycled Earth come blazing out of the gate with the title track A.O.D., a killer slab of pissed the fuck off metallic hardcore. The next two songs, Enemy Threshold and Failure To Thrive are more of the same. They aren't bad, they simply continue to drive home the same point. This EP is stuffed full to overflowing with thrashy guitars and an intense, desperate shout creating songs that fall apart as quickly as they come together. The EP closes as quickly as it started with New York Reload, the multi tracked clean vocals giving the ending a real punch in the neck. My main complaint with this EP is that it is far too short, as soon as it is done I am compelled to restart it for more devastation. Recycled Earth have honed their sound to a sharpened edge which they put to great use. Turn this up and prepare to for the spontaneous creation of a pit in your living room. Highly recommended.