Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Beatriz Carnicero - Pudrëtë - Split 2013

Beatriz Carnicero is a hardcore punk band from Uraguay. The split with Pudrëtë is their third release. Beatriz Carnicero play a speedy brand of hardcore influenced by power violence. The longest of these songs is 48 seconds long. They get in, smash you over the head with the riff, rip your guts apart with the tortured vocals and then move quickly on to the next musical ambush.

Pudrëtë play a more straight forward brand of hardcore. Their songs are equally short but are of a more lofi 80s hardcore punk style. These songs bury everything under a layer of distortion but they still have the same speedy attack as Beatriz Carnicero. Personally I prefer the first half as I dont have as much tolerance for lofi hardcore as I used to, but there is some good noisy hardcore here.