Monday, January 06, 2014

Brain Corruption - 2013 - Artifacts Of Humanity

Brain Corruption are a two piece grindcore band Germany. Artifacts Of Humanity is their debut EP. Brain Corruption play a hard hitting brand of grindcore that focuses on d-beat and blast beats but also brings in some crust in the overall sound. The singer has an excellent shout that goes from a cleaner shout to a lower, distorted growl that would not be out of place in a death metal band. They blast through these 10 songs in just over 12 minutes including a cover of The Cancer Grows On by Ulcerrhoea, never pausing or slowing down, they continue to rain fast, brutal grindcore from the tortured heavens. If you like your grindcore uncompromising and fast, Brain Corruption's Artifacts Of Humanity will serve well.