Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Drugs Of Faith - 2013 - Architectural Failures

Drugs Of Faith are a hardcore punk band from Washington, DC, USA. Architectural Failures is their new EP in advance of a new LP in 2014. Drugs Of Faith play a brand of hardcore that has learned all the right aggressive, abrasive lessons from the grindcore school of songwriting. The guitars have a harshness and jumpy mathy riffs that recalls bands like Botch or Comadre in what they do to the hardcore base Drugs Of Faith starts with. They might have started with hardcore punk but they also cite Voivod, Napalm Death, Killing Joke, Entombed and Enemy Soil as influences. Highlights include Placing Bets and The Incumbent. If you like your hardcore unrelenting and abrasive, Drugs Of Faith Architectural Failures will serve well.