Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Braces - 2013 - Two years

The Braces are  four-piece pop-punk outfit from Thousand Oaks, California. Two Years is their fourth release, released by Paper + Plastik. Citing influences like mid-'90s Fat Wreck, the Dismemberment Plan and early Saves The Day they have crafted an LP that is inconsistent but still chock full of punk pop gems coming across as a less consistent RVIVR. These are solid pop punk songs that unfortunately can get taken down the wrong path, making some generic choices early on, Applause is a good song but is plagued by that generic punk pop rhythm.

 Applause is early favourite but the album doesn't really kick into a high unique gear until Trophies comes alongs with it's stop and start rhythm, if you make it far enough the combo punch of DIY, Siren and Vandal come together into unique, lyrical, almost desperate melodic punk rock mix. If you're willing to dig a little bit into this album then there are melodic pop punk rewards to be had.