Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bocanegra - 2013 - Bocanegra

Bocanegra is a four piece screamo band from Guadalajara, Mexico. This is their debut EP. Members also played in Human Plague and Baby Nelson & The Philistine. Vocalist Alonso Mangosta Esquinca  cites Crass and Converge as influences, as well as a shift in writing style from the political focus of Human Plague to the more personal focus of Bocanegra. The vocals are mixed low giving them a more desperate feel, and everything else is wrapped in a nice layer of distortion, which makes the drums thump harder and the melodic guitar lines stand out.

 The opening track El Nido ArderĂ¡ comes out of the gates and sets a high standard for the rest of the album. While there's nothing wrong with these songs, this band obviously knows how to churn up an awesome screamo storm, the songs are inconsistent, Cabbalso Ciegos eventually explodes out of it's moodiness into an aggressive punk song but it takes a moment but Serpientes uses an unrelenting drum beat and a powerful breakdown to destroy everything around them and slowly build it up. I can't wait for more.