Friday, May 24, 2013

Vacanza - 2013 - Cancello

Vacanza are a four piece punk band from Italy. Cancello is their sophomore EP. They play post hardcore influenced brand of screamo with buried vocals and a lofi layer of noise over everything. The vocals soaked in reverb overtop of guitars that go from vaugely mathy post-hardcore walls of sound to more straight ahead screamo riffing. All these songs are completely soaked in their own reverb heavy, lofi tone which is distinctive but has a tendency to blur the songs together. If you're not paying attention the songs can blur together a little bit simply due to sameness in tone.

 That same post hardcore styling that allows them cover everything in a layer of muting noise brings some interesting twists to the songwriting which keep the songs from being too standard. Rombo is a standout with the shouted backing vocals, Foresta is good despite the guitars getting lost creating a wall of sound and Felpa is a feisty little melodic beast. If you enjoy post-hardcore influenced screamo that embraces it's lofi nature then this is for you.