Friday, April 26, 2013

Witch Of The Waste - 2013 - All Other Voices

Witch Of The Waste are a five piece technical metalcore band from Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. All Other Voices is their debut EP and it kicks a tremendous amount of ass. They draw together influences like Converge, Pantera, Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch and Animals As Leaders into a stew that is kinda hard for me to properly categorize. There are equal amounts metalcore, post-hardcore and then some grindcore thrown in for flavour. At the basis is speedy thrash metal, multiple gruff vocals and constant stop start technical punk rock that is also heavy as fuck.

 There are few things I enjoy as much as a thrash metal band with two guitars. There is a bit of the same old. generic,aggressive music aimed at the tight jeans and masacara set but at their best moments these songs transcend that straight jacket. Highlights include: Nothing Cute Ever ScuttlesHigh-Tech (For Heretics), Taking The Penguin For A Walk and Candlejack. If you like aggressive, technical music that isn't afraid to be progressive then this ep should be right up your alley