Thursday, April 25, 2013

Old Gray - 2013 - An Autobiography

Old Gray is a three piece screamo band from Keene and Manchester, NH and Hartford, CT. They have been productive, An Autobiography is their first LP but is is their eighth release and third release of 2013. This LP is what I've come to expect from Old Gray. All the songs have consistent momentum and keep moving forward, shuffling the component pieces around.

With one minor exception, from start to finish this album is solid. Most of these songs reach for the sky in angst and emotional turmoil only to either burn the ground underneath them (I Still Think About Who I Was Last Summer)  or simply collapse into themselves (My Life With You, My Life Without You). The songs that take another route start off at full tilt and never let up, churning the ground beneath you (Wolves, The Graduate)

The only part of this album I actively dislike is the spoken word chill of Show Me How You Self Destruct. But after those annoying seconds are finished, The Graduate comes screaming at you with fury and passion to spare and  Emilys First Communion raises the bar with violins and female vocals that only add to the epic style songwriting.

If you've ever listened to Old Gray before you know what to expect, some spoken word overtop of ambient guitars, some gang backing vocals and some noodly guitar riffs that evolve into something different. Their songwriting can be a little bit of an acquired taste but once the bug has bitten you I bet you An Autobiography will be on repeat.