Thursday, April 11, 2013

KEN Mode - 2013 - Entrench

KEN Mode are a three piece metal band from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. Their version of metal is unrelentingly heavy songs played at hardcore speeds with liberal doses of noise. Entrench is their fifth album in ten years, released by New Damage Records and Season of Mist Records.

The beginning is a little rocky, as great and powerful as Counter Culture Complex is, the second track No; I'm In Control just doesn't grab me like it should. But after that minor misstep the rest of the album proceeds to kick major ass. The whole middle of the album displays KEN Mode's ability to move between technical, modern played at hardcore speeds into brooder, nosier stomps and even some magnificent slow burning anger. The middle three songs, The Terror Pulse, The Promises Of God and then Romeo Must Never Know do exactly that progression and it is very satisfying.

Entrench is one that I know I will keep coming back to because not only do I really enjoy quality metal played at hardcore speeds but this band is also so versatile and the other elements only serve to accent the song writing and aggression. I did not expect to like Romeo Must Never Know but it is my favourite song on this album with The Promises Of God and Counter Culture Complex tied for second. Check this out if you like hardcore or heavy metal, there will something great in here for you.