Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Flaming Lips & Bon Iver - 2013 - Ashes In The Air

The Flaming Lips are an psychadelic experimental rock band Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Bon Iver is  a band founded and fronted by singer-songwriter Justin Vernon. You might remember The Flaming Lips as the weirdo rock band who's singer likes to wear all white and walk on audiences in a hamster ball.

Most of the time they are a little too progressive and weird for my taste but I admire them from afar for having a distinct style and staking out their territory. The Flaming Lips have a new album out and what a better idea for promoting that album than making a video for a song from last years album, The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends, specifically their collaboration with indie folk rock band Bon Iver.

I actually quite enjoy Ashes In The Air as a song more than I expected considering I don't really listen to either of these bands regularly but right from the get go the video is weird that it just overwhelms you. That screencap above probably explains more than I am able to. If you have any idea what this video is about please enlighten us all.