Friday, April 26, 2013

The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch - Black Love

The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch is a three piece screamo band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Black Love are a post-hardcore band also from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This split was released by l'Oeil Du Tigre, responsible for such records as Brume Retina's Agresse Guele, and the four way Te Lloraría un Puto Río / Carrion Spring / The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch / Beau Navire split.

Both of these bands aim for the more angular, technical side of screamo. The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch makes the decision to bury the vocals and shroud their entire sound in a nice haze. It works especially well when Music Cowboys alternates between moments of muffled melody and mosh pit moments of chaos. 

Black Love go for a more post-hardcore vibe that owe's a debt to early 90's emo. There are some elements of stoner metal in the thump of the drums and more than a little midwest emo in the desperate vocals. They cite Kyuss and Afghan Wigs alongside Mineral and Moss Icon as influences. Motorboats and Waterfalls has an excellent energy to it that keeps everything moving forward and the singers voice has the perfect combination of desperation and nostalgia all wrapped in a bundle of fuzz.