Monday, April 29, 2013

Bernays Propaganda - 2013 - Zabraneta planeta

Bernays Propaganda is a dance punk band from Macedonia. Zabraneta Planeta is their third LP, released by Moonlee Records. This album reminds me of a more guitar based, early era Metric, the guitars do all the heavy lifting aside from the vocals. The moving baselines make sure everything has a danceable energy that never stops moving.

 When the songs are firing on all cylinders the guitars are firing off angular riffs that are melodic, danceable and just a little punk in the most rhythmic and pulsing sense. I would normally get tired of punk that focuses so much on melody and movement but the guitar also consistently has a fuzz or distortion around it that muddies everything for flavour. If you like punk rock that puts a danceable rhythmic sensibility on top off distortion laden but still melodic guitars then Zabraneta Planeta is for you.