Sunday, October 23, 2011

Random Mix time!

Time for another mix. This one has some stuff that I listened to awhile ago and some stuff I just listened to today.

We start with Tera Melos, an experimental post hardcore math rock band from Sacramento. They mash up a whole bunch of genres and rarely have conventional song structures. The Skin Surf is insidiously catchy.
We move to a much more obscure band that plays much weirder music, called Altered States. I’m not really sure how to describe the music other than experimental post rock. Except it’s not really using the rock and roll language, almost more like experimental ambient with more foreground elements than usual. Strange but I like it.

Things get instrumental and kinda heavy with Talons. They play instrumental post rock that is more post metal than a lot of bands. Think Explosions In The Sky but heavier.

We get noisy with an Australian punk band called TV Colours. They play lo fi, abrasive, noisy punk rock with vocals that are just as distorted and angry.

We head over to Britain for some tasteful post rock with light electronic touches around the fringes courtesy of Gallops.

Back across the pond we get a a track from the solo project of the Bobby Darling, guitarist for Gatsbys American Dream, called Places and Numbers. It kinda sounds like a singer songwriter if instead of acoustics singer songwriters used synthesizers to wrap electronica around their songs.

We head down to Olympia Washington for a few tracks courtesy of Broken Water. They play a shoe gazey kind of punk with really catchy vocals and female singer. Kinda pop songs wrapped up in noise that doesn’t ever become too abrasive or overpowering.

We come up to Canada for some hardcore punk from Ancestors from Toronto. They end up somewhere in between skate punk and hardcore with some nice guitar based melodies.

We stay in Canada for one track from an Edmonton hardcore band called Cope. It’s a tad chaotic but I like it still.

We stay in Alberta but head up to Fort McMurray for some post hardcore courtesy of Desiderata. This is only the intro to their album but I think it’s quite good.

Still in Alberta next up is a band called Fuck Tower. They were a two piece post punk band from Calgary. They were together lest than a year and recorded a demo that was never released. I like this quite a bit and wish it wasn’t so lo-fi.

Now we head over to Austria for some crusty metal courtesy of BØREDØM. Their album is called World Bores To Death which I’m assuming is a shot at/reference to World Burns To Death whom they’re not dissimilar to. Good stuff, this is how I like my crusty metal.

We head back to the states for some tracks by an excellent screamo band called The Kodan Armada. Dude wrote a song about how his father raped his sister. Legit emo. Nuff said.

We head over the the UK for some brand new mathy, screamo influenced punk rock courtesy of Run, Walk! The next four songs are from their split with Sirs, a great American screamo band. It’s a dual project between Top Shelf Records in the states and Holy Roar from the UK. It’s a great record and you can pre order it here

Things end this time round with a couple of brand new tracks from my favourite new post hardcore band Cattle Drums. These are demo’s, from their up coming full length I think and beside from being slightly quiet they absolutely slay. Think a less pissed off At The Drive In with just as cryptic lyrics.