Monday, October 24, 2011

Garage Punk, Screamo and Thrash Metal

Here's another mix I made of the music I've been listening to lately.

Things start off nicely with some garage punk wrapped up in a ball of fuzz with Flashlights from Brevard Florida. They are a scrappy punk band that plays their amps at 11 and sound like they never venture out of their garage.

We get underground and skramzy with a band called Sailboats. They only released two songs before breaking up though there is always talk that they recorded an LP that will eventually be put out by Discos Huelgas. Half of this band became Loma Prieta.

Speaking of Loma Prieta, they're the next artist on this split. This is a whole bunch of their music, tracks from 2006's Our LP Is Your EP, 2008's Last city, 2009's split with L'Antietam and 2009's Dark Mountain. I think Lom are awesome but they are an acquired taste. The vocals are always ear shattering high pitch screams and the guitars are usually raging pissed off punk style. Great stuff you like abrasive screamo.

We end things out with some tracks from the latest lp from Megadeth. Megadeth isn't my favourite thrash band but these songs are pretty good. TH1RT3EN isn't groundbreaking nor does it show any artistic development at all but these songs are good, solid thrash metal. I do wish Mustaine would keep his politics to himself though, metal is apolitical at best and left wing at most.