Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who Programmed This?!? for October 11th 2011

This is the podcast for my radio show Who Programmed This?!? as broadcast through Trent Radio between the hours of 10 and 11 am central tuesday the 11th of october.

I played Animal Faces, a slightly mathy screamo band from Toronto, Book Of Caverns, a screamo band from edmonton who are more epic than most, Gift Eaters, a defunct screamo band Edmonton, Shiner, a 90’s emocore band from British Colombia, Loud?, a new emo band from Woodbridge Virginia, Book Of Dead Names, a defunct (I think) screamo band associated with Song Of Zarathustra from Minneapolis Minnesota.

I also played some Alexander Korda, fuzzed out screamo edging towards emo violence from Arizona, Bev.Clone, from Grand Rapids Michigan who had the singer from Constatine Sankathi and finished with Agna Moraine’s Autobiography who had the guitarist and bassist from Bev.Clone and the singer from the aforementioned Constatine Sankathi.

As Saetia screamed, there is no happy here.