Monday, November 28, 2016

Rosàrio - 2016 - And the storm surges

Rosàrio is a five piece heavy metal band from Montagnana, Italy. And The Storm Surges is their sophomore LP. Rosàrio play an eclectic brand of heavy metal incorporating elements of hard rock, stoner metal and desert rock. To Peak And Pine lays out the template for what is to come, riff focused slightly sludgy stoner metal with a suitably gravelly voice. Rosàrio know how to take their time building up atmosphere which only makes the deployment of the heavy stuff that much more powerful.

Dawn Of Men leading into Monolith is the perfect example. Dawn Of Men takes the whole length of song crafting a beautiful, acoustic stoner desert atmosphere, complete with the singer sounding a lot like John Garcia of Kyuss, before exploding into the riff laden stoner monster that is the epic closer Monolith. Radiance is the other great example, the evolution from atmosphere building to heavy riffs & solo's improves both ends. With And The Storm Surges, Rosàrio have crafted a solid statement of desert influenced stoner metal.