Friday, November 25, 2016

Algos - 2016 - Amongst Monoliths

Algos is a one man heavy metal recording project from The Netherlands. Amongst Monoliths is their sophomore LP. Algos plays progressive & melodic death metal citing Be'lakor, In Mourning and Swallow The Sun as influences.

The singer has a versatile voice, while his grim, blackened shout is a little thin he has a solid cookie monster growl that he puts to great use. When the songs are firing on all cylinders he weaves together sections of heavy riffs with melodic solos and moments of heavy brutality contrasted with moments of quiet beauty. Highlights include Metempsychosis, The Withered King, Blessed With Weakness, Corruption Defined, Odyssey's End and The Poisoned Well. With Amongst Monoliths' Algos have composed an imposing statement of progressive melodic death metal.

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