Saturday, November 12, 2016

Oxo 86 - 2016 - Akustikalbum

Oxo 86 is a ska punk band from Bernau, Germany. Akustikalbum is their ninth LP since forming in 1996. On this new record Oxo 86 take their beer swilling, oi influenced ska and unplug for over 40 minutes of acoustic ska punk.

The songs work best when they maintain the presumed energy of the original, So Beliebt Und So Bescheiden, Alkohol and Skinhead all have an intense singalong energy. There is always a risk that the momentum and swing of the music is will suffer when going acoustic but the horns and rhythm section ensure danceability does not suffer. Other highlights include Wenn K├Ânige Reisen, Dein Freund Der Boxer, Sowas Kannst Du Echt Gebrauchen and Auf Die Liebe Und Auf Die Sehnsucht. Stepping outside of their presumed comfort zone Oxo 86 have produced an excellent slab of acoustic ska punk with Akustikalbum.