Thursday, November 10, 2016

Brownout - 2016 - Brown Sabbath Vol II

Brownout is a nine piece funk band from Austin, Texas. Brown Sabbath Vol II is their second collection of funk covers of Black Sabbath. Brownout take the classic Sabbath songs we all know and love and transform them into funky, horn driven danceable soul songs.

Formed in 2010 by members of Grupo Fantasma they have backed Prince, Daniel Johnston, GZA and Bernie Worrell and cite WAR, Cymande and Funkadelic as influences.

There is not as much distance between Black Sabbath and Brownout as there would seem to be at first glance. The drum & bass are the anchors keeping everything heavy and funky. While the guitars are no longer the focus they set up and rideout a funky backbeat before revving up. The horns are the real stars of the show here, kicking what would otherwise be fairly tame but funky heavy rock into the stratosphere.

Highlights include Supernaut, Fairies Wear Boots, Children Of The Grave and Sweet Leaf. If you're looking for some heavy, funky rock paying tribute to the metal godfathers while still keeping a foot in modernity, Brownout's Brown Sabbath Vol II will serve well.