Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Unreqvited- 2016 - Disquiet

Unreqvited is a one man atmospheric black metal band from Ontario, Canada. Disquiet is their debut LP. Unreqvited play black metal but dilute their metallic attack by wrapping everything in cold, ambient, depressing atmospherics. This record functions on two levels, as modern black metal with most of the satanic trappings but also as ambient music that works as well in the background as the foreground.

If you're into black metal this LP is solid, the vocalist has the classic demon summoning scream and the guitars & synths create a pervasive, demonic wall of noise. If you're into ambient music this LP works equally as well, songs like A Tear From The Oak create a dark, oppressive ambience that recalls the frozen landscapes of northern Ontario winters. Songs like An Ocean Of Ire cut the difference, transitioning from icy ambience to howling black metal and back in less than three minutes. If you're into either ambient music or black metal you will find something to satisfy on Unreqvited's debut LP Disquiet.