Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Art Of Burning Water - 2016 - Between Life And Nowhere

Art Of Burning Water is a hardcore punk band from The UK. Between Life And Nowhere is their new LP. Art Of Burning Water take standard hardcore punk and throw in some sludge metal to make things even heavier alongside elements of mathcore further complicate the already heavy material. This is no holds barred hardcore punk, driven to the point of desperation and fury where genre distinctions hold no merit, the only thing that matter is how visceral, noisy and artsy a sound these three men can wrest from their instruments.

At times trudging through knee deep black sludge, at other times spinning up into hardcore punk chaos verging into powerviolence Art Of Burning Water starts blown out in the red and only gets more violent from there. Highlights include To Be Brave and Voivodian Solutions To Die Kreuzien Problems. If you need some noisy, sludgy & chaotic hardcore punk Art Of Burning Water's Between Life And Nowhere will serve well.