Sunday, October 30, 2016

O.P.P. #6: The Long Shot Podcast

It`s time again for O.P.P., that`s right, Other People`s Podcasts! This week we join Amber Kenny and Jamie Flam around Sean Conroy's table for funny and at times surprisingly touching conversations in The Long Shot.

Who? The Long Shot consists of three comedians of different ages and backgrounds all living and working in Los Angelese. Amber Kenny is a comedy writer and performer and a founding member of sketch teams Super Kudzu, The Coat Club, and Hot Dog Volcano. Jamie Flam is a comedy writer, producer, and performer who currently books the Improv Lab at the LA Improv. Sean Conroy is an improv performer and writer, he is a founding member of The Swarm, performs regularly at the UCB Theater as well as performing and writing on Mr. Pickles.

What Is This Show? Every week these three comedians gather around Sean Conroy's table with a special guest. Supposedly each week has a theme but they diverge from those onto other topics very quickly. The chemistry of these three is unparalleled in podcasting. Amber Kenny is "a ray of sunshine" as Sean Conroy says, an up and coming comedian who's positivity comes beaming through and is both the supply and cause of nearly endless giggling. Jamie Flam is a stand up comedian who sometimes spends too much time on the funny voices and anti humour but is a genuinely funny person albeit the kind that is constantly having revelations about their life. Sean Conroy is the anchor and host of the show. Sean is the most reserved of the three, but also the funniest and he loves ship novels which are generally poo pooed.

Best Way In?: The Long Shot is all about the chemistry between the three hosts. They play off  each other well and balance each other. Choose an episode with a guest you are familiar with, Paul F Tompkins is always a solid bet, as is Jen Kirkman or Joe Wagner.