Sunday, October 30, 2016

Marc-André Larivière - 2016 - Farewell, Supernova

Marc-André Larivière is a musician from Gatineau, Quebec. Farewell, Supernova is his debut LP. This LP is an instrumental concept album about the future of humanity and space travel. Aside from spoken vocals this LP is a collection of progressive rock songs on guitar both electric and acoustic heavy on the solo's & noodling.

This LP is at it's best when there is a chugging, distortion generating riff that evolves several times before turning into a solo. The playing could be a little heavier but Larivière can really rock that guitar. My main complaint about this album is the production style. Too frequently there is only one guitar soloing with little or no rhythm backup underneath it. The sound could do with a serious beefing up.

My favourite tracks like Denying Gravity & Isolated Drift remind me of John Petrucci's solo LP Suspended Animation. These songs are filled to the brim with riffs that change & evolve before launching into kick ass solos. Other highlights include Miscalculated Malfunction; Ascensions - Defying Gravity and DescensionMarc-André Larivière has crafted an exciting debut of progressive rock in Farewell Supernova.