Saturday, September 24, 2016

Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s - 2016 - Enter The Raw

Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s is a garage rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Enter The Raw is their debut EP. Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s play an on overdriven and almost completely blown out brand of garage rock. Occasionally they punk thing up with some up tempo ragers but usually these songs stay mid-tempo while covering everything in distortion. The songs are good but when everything is coated in noise & distortion there is little to do other than float along with the omnipresent thumping bass. If you're looking for some garage rock with punk influences that keeps the needle in the red Y/o/d/o/c/o/l/t/s' debut EP Enter The Raw will serve well.