Saturday, September 24, 2016

O.P.P. #3: The Flop House

It's time for another week of Other People's Podcasts. This week we laugh and cringe with the Flop House. Twice a month they watch a "bad" movie and then "talk" about it.

Who? The Flophouse is hosted by three people, Dan McCoy, a writer for the Daily Show and the person who owns the equipment & edits the show, Elliot Kalan, head writer for the Daily Show and comedian Stuart Wellington.

What's This Show? Twice a month these three men gather together, watch a movie and then talk about it. It is as much about bad movies as it is pitches for a ziggy movie and words that sounds like other words. They are all very funny, charming people and have excellent chemistry together. They are quick to jump on any joke they can think of including sometimes just words that sounds like other words. They can be very silly, Elliot's improvised songs can be questionable at times, but generally they are genuinely hilarious. Sometimes they even have good things to say about movies, just usually not the one they just watched.

The Best Way In: This podcast really is more about the conversation and cracking silly jokes than it really is about the movie. There are two ways in here that are pretty common for movie podcasts, choose one that you know very well or at least have seen and start with that, then there's no worry about feeling left out of the conversation because you don't know the film. Otherwise just choose a classically bad movie and hang out for awhile.

Recommendations? For older episodes I would try something like Bratz or Wild Hogs, or even some of the movie minutes like On Vacation or A Beckinsale Tale. In terms of newer episodes they've watched Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return which is insane, I also quite enjoyed God's Not Dead,  Easy Rider: The Ride Back & Foodfight.