Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tirapiedras - 2015 - Alucinaciones, Estruendos, Porrazos

Tirapiedras is a four piece punk rock band from Beunos Aires, Argentina. Alucinaciones, Estruendos, Porrazos is their debut LP. Tirapiedras play a a riff focused brand of crossover hardcore. The guitars alternate between hammering out a riff, riding a groove straight into the ground and slightly more subdued riffing underneath a crazed solo. The singer has an impassioned shout backed up on occasion with some gang vocals. The album comes barreling out of the gates with strong with Fuego, Inframundo and No HacĂ­a Falta Pensar Demasiado with the rest of the album being less consistent. Other highlights include Arriba, Abajo and Calle Vacia. If you're looking for some thrashy hardcore punk that knows when to go for the riff and also when to ride the groove, Tirapiedras' Alucinaciones, Estruendos, Porrazos will serve well.