Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Holy Monitor - 2015 - Golden Light

Holy Monitor is a psychedelic rock band from Athens, Greece. Golden Light is their debut EP. Holy Monitor play a fuzzed out brand of psychedelic rock with one foot in the proto-punk past and another in the rock and roll present. At times the guitars imitate sitars which only add to the head spinning nature of the psychedelia They remind me of a brighter but still just as dirgy version of The Black Angels. There are riffs a plenty here but they are buried underneath layers of fuzz and distortion that wrap your ears in warm blankets of noise. This band knows how to conduct a dirge without forgetting about the riffs and without descending into darkness. Each of these three songs are excellent in their own way, each showing a different facet of this band. If you're looking for some bright, fuzzy psychedelia to swirl around you, Holy Monitor's Golden Light will serve well.