Friday, October 02, 2015

The Barbecuties - 2015 - Go Down With Style

The Barbecuties is a four piece punk rock band from Mannheim, Germany. Go Down With Style is their fifth LP. The Barbecuties play a catchy out brand of punk rock citing Ramones, Queers and Mr T Experience, I would add Sicko to that list. The guitars are fuzzed out but not threatening, dedicated to inspiring you to pogo dance as hard as you can. Some of these songs have a sense of humour while some are more earnest but all of them are high energy and designed to elicit maximum sing a longs from the crowd. This is the kind of energetic power pop influenced punk that is best saved for the middle of summer and a road trip to the beach where you will drink all the beers. There is nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary here but who needs to break new ground when you can write super catchy fun punk rock songs. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but there are too many to list. If you're looking for some high energy power pop punk to inspire your next party The Barbecuties Go Down With Style will serve well.