Saturday, October 03, 2015

Hardcore Gimme Some More

Beach Impediment Records is a distro and record label from Virgina Beach, Virginia. This compilations has 6 hardcore punk bands from at least two countries. S.H.I.T. may or may not stand for either Sexual Humans In Turmoil or Skinheads In Tuxedos from Toronto, Peacebreakers are from Boston, Mercenary is from somewhere in Georgia, Impalers are from Austin, Violent End are from Chicago and Ajax is from New York City.

None of these bands sound anything alike but all do their own thing noisy, pissed off thing under the banner of hardcore punk. If you like your hardcore punk loud, angry and fast like it should be, Hardcore Gimme Some More will serve well. Thanks to Blunt Sleazy for pointing this out.