Monday, September 28, 2015

Peter Pan Speedrock - 2015 - Buckle Up And Shove It

Peter Pan Speedrock is a rock and roll band from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Buckle Up And Shove It is their first recordings in over a decade courtesy of Self Destructo Records. Peter Pan Speedrock play a no holds barred, punked up brand of rock and roll that bring to mind Motörhead. With song titles like Murdertruck, Wide-Eyed And Thirsty, Loose Women And Loud Guitars and Doin' The Nasty it should become immediately apparent what kind of rock and roll this power trio plays. The basis of this is classic, hard hitting rock and roll with just enough punk rock to kick things into high gear.

Don't put this on expecting anything fancy, while there are guitar solos to be found there is nothing extra here, just classic sounding punked up rock and roll. If Danko Jones was more explicitly punk rock it might come out like this. These guys write songs that hit hard and fast, with no extra meat on the bones. Add in covers of The Damned New Rose and The Yardbirds Heart Full Of Soul and you have yourself an excellent LP. Here's where I would list my favourite songs but when that's more than half the LP I think that speaks for itself. If you're looking for some no frills rock and roll Peter Pan Speedrock's Buckle Up And Shove It will serve well. Highly recommended.