Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dirty Fences - 2015 - Full Tramp

Dirty Fences is a rock and roll band from New York City. Full Tramp is their second LP courtesy of Slovenly Records. Dirty Fences play a brand of rock & roll pulling from punk & garage rock. Reminds me equally of Nancy & Aerosmith. They aren't particularly aggressive but still manage to bring the raw rock full force and bring to mind the less punk sides of bands like Ramones and The Dictators. Songs like Just Can't Wait, Endless Party & Rain prove that Dirty Fences are interested and capable of expanding beyond the confines of straight ahead, party time rock & roll.

 This is a band that knows when to hold back, rocking out and keeping it simple while also knowing when to lean forward and throw in some extra frills to move the music forward and keep things interesting. Highlights include Deep In Your Heart, High School Rip, Heartbeater, the title track and the above embededded single.  If you're looking for some classic sizzling punked up rock & roll that still sounds modern, Dirty Fence's Full Tramp will serve well.