Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Genoicide Pact - 2015 - Forged Through Domination

Genocide Pact is a three piece death metal band from Washington DC. Forged Through Domination is their debut LP. Genocide Pact features members of Disciples Of Christ and Red Death and play a crushing, usually mid-tempo brand of death metal. The vocals never climb above a guttural, unintelligible demonic growl while the music usually stays at a thumping crawl only occasionally speeding up to a faster pace. There is a heavy doom influence here which results in an even more oppressive, darkened atmosphere than death metal usually generates. This whole 26 minute 7 song album is ferocious, devastatingly heavy and completely odious, just the way classic death metal should be. If you're looking for crushingly heavy death metal that knows how to hammer their points home in both mid-tempo and at a slighter faster pace, Genocide Pact's Forged Through Domination will serve well.