Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Adolescents & Svetlanas - 2015 - Hot War

Adolescents are a legendary punk rock band from Fullerton, California, U.S, active at various times with differing lineups since 1980. Svetlanas is a punk rock band formerly of Russia, now based in Milan signed with Altercation Records and set to tour with The Dwarves in summer 2015. Adolescents play a no holds barred, skatepunk infused brand of hardcore. They blast through their two songs while remembering to make them as catchy as they are fast.

Needless to say Svetlanas also play an speedy brand of hardcore punk. The lead singer has an excellent shout with a desperate, screamo tinged edge to her voice. Their heaviness is only offset by the speed at which they play, if they slowed down  they would become exponentially heavier. Even though Svetlanas and Adolescents hail from different parts of the world Hot War proves that punk rock knows no borders. This EP is short and to the point, it comes out of the gates at full speed and never lets up for a moment. Play this loud.