Monday, August 31, 2015

Shizune - 2015 - Le Voyageur Imprudent

Shizune is a five piece screamo band from Lonigo, Vicenza, Italy. La Voyageur Imprudent is their second LP. Shizune at this point has pretty much mastered the classic screamo sound. These songs are chaotic, the band summons the requisite explosive rage without neglecting moments of introspective calm while the desperate shouts propel the songs to even greater cathartic heights. There are no great barriers being broken here, no one here is reinventing the wheel but this is rock solid screamo and a very well sequenced LP. 

From start to finish with only one minor exception every song on this LP is hits hard and begs to be repeated. My favourite songs come in the middle, the combination of Sputnik! Nostalgia; VespersImmortel et Impérissable are excellent while the album closes strong with highlight Difficile Da Capire, Impossibile Da Spiegare followed by the beautiful fading away of Instructions For Inertia   If you're looking for some desperate, straight forward screamo Shizune's Le Voyageur Imprudent will serve well.