Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Digital Dynasty #28 Hosted By Pharoahe Monche

Digital Dynasty is a digital mixtape compilation initially compiled and hosted by Tha Advocate and available from ballerstatus.com and datpiff.com. This edition is hosted by Pharoahe Monche and features tracks from rappers around the world, from luminaries like Fabolous, Action Bronson, Papoose, Killah Priest and Lords Of The Underground as well as newer, not as well known rappers like GDZ, Bosch, Snap. At almost three hours and over 50 songs there's a lot of music here and it's a tad overwhelming but that also means if you have a soft spot for hip hop or rap of any kind I guarantee there's something you will latch onto here. Highlights include GDZ's Forever True, Snap Ft. Joey Loax and Tha Advocate - Game Of Chess, Bosch Ft. Young Noble Outlaw - Retribution, Fist Of The North Star's Beautiful Hater, SlaughterHouse's Party.