Sunday, February 09, 2014

Canyons - Creepers - 2013 Split

Canyons is four piece hardcore punk band from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The Split with Creepers is their sixth release. Canyons play a heavy, riotous brand of hardcore that manages to conjure catchy riffs but never forget the energy of hardcore garnering comparisons to bands like Bleeding Kansas, Engineer, and Kiss It Goodbye. Canyons are capable of creating an off kilter, dark atmosphere and a vocalist with some excellent shouted vocals but still remaining crushingly heavy and surprisingly limber. Highlights include Double Enchandra, Because I Make It My Duty, and Heatin' Up. Thanks to Manic Compression.

Creeper is a five piece hardcore punk band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Split With Canyons is their fourth release. Creepers play a noisy brand of hardcore, bringing elements of noise punk and some post-hardcore to flesh out their attack. Their brand of hardcore is similiar to Canyons but Creeper go in a crustier, noiser direction. The vocals are filtered and harsh and there's nary a guitar tone that isn't distorted to hell and back. Highlights include Privileged, Drag and Trunk Buffet. The similarities between Creeper and Canyon are easily overstated and can make it hard to distinguish between the two bands but it also makes for a much more cohesive split, each band clearly expressing their take on hardcore punk. If you like your hardcore punk a little crusty or just straight heavy, Canyons' & Creeper's 2013 Split will serve well.