Sunday, March 03, 2013

Foxmoulder - 2013 - Lethe

Foxmoulder are a four piece band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They play a dark, churning brand of screamo. Lethe is their third ep and the sound they have developed has lead them into a claustrophobic world where it sounds like everything is collapsing around you. The main problem I have with this EP is how short it, and Foxmoulder's other releases are. These songs are driven and focused while injecting just a hint of chaos which is one of the thing's that really draws me in. These songs barely reach 2 minutes which seems to be the perfect length for them, I would be very interested in hearing what they would do with a full length

 My only other problem is that the vocals are mixed a little too low. Yes it fits with the whole sound and atmosphere musically but I prefer to be able to hear what the singer is screaming about rather than just the sound of the scream. All in all this is a really solid EP, four dark, paranoid and seething songs that come barrelling right at you.