Friday, March 01, 2013

Braid + Balance + Composure - 2013

Balance And Composure  are a 5 piece band from Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Braid are a 4 piece from Champaign, Illinois. This split is Balance And Composure's 6th album and Braid's 13th.

Balance And Composure are a punk rock band with emo and indie and even some post-hardcore influences. Some people are head over heals for this band, and while the flip hasn't been completely turned on yet, these two songs are solid punk rock songs. They have enough energy to keep everything moving forward but are melancholy enough to have their own sound.

Braid are a seminal punk rock band from the mid 90's. One of the better bands that inhabited the melodic side of the punk emo space. They split up in 1999, reunited for a some tours in 2004 and became active again in 2011. Braid's dominates this split and their songs do not disappoint in any capacity.