Monday, January 21, 2013


Mahria are a four piece band from Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta. They play an awesome straight ahead brand of screamo. Lots of emotive screams from frontwoman Colby Burnett and a noisy yet melodic double guitar attack courtesy of Lealand and Mike and the solid rhythm section blasts everything into place. There is quite a scene going in Edmonton and Calgary right now, Todos Caeran, Book Of Caverns, Coalspur, Brain Fever and Gnats are the ones I know of.

Mahria is no exception in this list of awesome screamo bands. They play a hard hitting, noisy, somewhat abrasive but not chaotic brand of screamo. Their debut was a split EP with Todos Caeran and while the songs are good the production value is not the greatest. The best place to start with is their debut self-titled LP. The whole album is really solid and the production problems from their first release have been completely fixed. Standout tracks include Ghost Limb, Instrumental and Lights, a video for which appears above.

Their most current release is a split EP with Watcher, a screamo band from Victoria, British Colombia Canada. It is being released by Clue #2 records, the same label is putting out Book Of Caverns new LP Homes as well. It basically continues the sound Mahria has laid over their past releases, melodic guitars slice through noise and Colby screams her head off, even through a rare moment of calm, while Watcher's songs are much more obviously hardcore influenced, they have a more churning, powerful bottom end and their singer has a deeper shout. You can purchase it here