Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Continents - 2012 - .​.​.​And Silence Anchored Our Feet In Granite

Continents is a 5 piece band from Dresden, Saxony, Germany. On their sophomore EP .​.​.​And Silence Anchored Our Feet In Granite Continents plays a straight ahead brand of post-hardcore and screamo, only slightly slowing down for some spoken word. Continents is made up of Simon, Dominic, Flo, Tobi and Kris. Together on their sophomore EP, they meld together post-hardcore and screamo influences, and manage to do some spoken word without having to dip into post-rock territory. 

The album starts off innocuously enough with the instrumental Adrift, immediately followed by the To You, A Thought which has the longest spoken word piece on the whole EP. I am glad that they stay out of the post-rock territory behind the spoken word parts, makes the whole song more interesting. The vocalist has multiple styles, going from spoken word, to an impassioned yet sad shout all the way up to a higher pitch shout to accent forward motion. The guitars transition nicely between  kicking up distortion and noise and actually providing some moments of melody. It's all over too quickly, Continents makes a clear statement, one that I want to hear more of.   It has been released on 10" transparent vinyl by Pike Records and Flood.