Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you don't know who Saetia is this is a huge gap in your knowledge. They formed in New York City early 1997. Their first show was at ABC No Rio to about thirty people. Two and a half years, 17 songs, numerous tours and four bass players later, they played their final show at ABC No Rio to forty people.

Their name originates from a misspelling of the Miles Davis track “Saeta”, from his album Sketches of Spain, which, in turn, was named after the saeta, a religious tradition of flamenco music.

Members went on to be in Hot Cross, Error:Type 11, Instruction, The Fiction, Interpol, and Off Minor.

Not the first screamo band but definitily one of the most iconic and best. They have developed a cult following they more than deserve

Probably the definitve band for what is termed, half jokingly at first, emoviolence. It is chaotic, it is violent and they will rip your head from your shoulders as you weep at the pain on display. The music is raw, it is intense and they almost never let up

If you recognize the phrase There is no happy here then you probably need to listen to this.