Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Orchid is another band that you definitely should know even if you only have a tangential knowledge of this thing called screamo.

The band formed in 1998, released 3 LP's and 7 EP's including splits with amazing bands like Jerome's Dream and Combatwoundedveteran and consisted of Jayson Green, Jeffrey Salane, Will Killingsworth, Brad Wallace, Geoff Garlock.
In general the songs have a nice thick sound that are heavy but will snap your neck with their violent speed.

The splits and the first LP Chaos is Me feature a relatively calm Orchid, relative to the last two LP's that is. The songs are still chaotic and extreme with shrieks and insane vocals coming out nowhere and guitar riffs attacking you from every direction but they are a tad longer.

On Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow their second LP the songs get much shorter and more abrasive. They lose what little melody they had and become more aggressive and chaotic.

The trend continues with their final ep called Gatefold but they expand their pallete at the same time adding in different elements that take away the pure aggressiveness of their earlier work.