Monday, September 26, 2011

latest mix

this is my latest mix that comes from what I've been listening to. I listened to a bunch of stuff between September 12th and 24th. Hope there's something here for you.

We start off with a softer emo band The Warren Commission. Pretty obscure. Good stuff though

Way more people will know Weezer. If you don't then i don't know where you've been or doing with your life. Even if you hate them you are aware of them, they were relevantish at one point.

Things get way more pop punk, upbeat and downright happy with The Wombats. These are very danceable indie rock songs with more than enough exuberance.

Now one song from portugal the man. It's a tad weird but I think it's pretty cool.

Now we have a whole bunch of angry, pissed off Hardcore, coming straight at you from Finland. My favourite bands from this compilation are: Riistetyt, Nolola Nolla Nollam Kaaos, Laahaus, Klimax, Appendix, Antikeho, Maanalainen Pelastusarmeija 

We head over to China from Finland for some Sonic Youth style post rock courtesy of  Carsick Cars. The can write some really good, catchy rock and roll songs and don't really care if they throw in a disconcerting time change or a wall of feedback in the middle of that catchy song.

We head back to the states and get screamy with IWontStopWonderingUntilYouStopBreathing. This dude has been so productive this year. He's working on yet another tape which will be his 7th. He's talking about doing 10 by the year's out and if they all sound like this I am so down.

We stay punky but lose the screams for a bunch of punk from Witches With Dicks. These guys plast fast, pissed off orgcore punk pop. They like the simpsons. Nuff said.

I saw this band two week ago with Tin Vespers. Cousins play a bluesy style of weird garage rock punk. It's very distorted and the singer shouts a lot but it's pretty sweet.

I saw Kill Matilda last week with local punk bands Bumping Tacos and TV Casualties. On these songs they do a hard rock thing, on their debut lp they do a more punk thing. It's great either way.