Monday, September 26, 2011

Emo, Screamo and some power thrash

This is my mix of music I listened to from August 8th through August 9th. I am eclectic in my taste so some transitions may be jarring...

We start things off with some emo pop punk courtesy of a rather unknown band Your City/State. If your into underground music you might know Joie De Vivre, who these guys became. This is less midwest emo, more pop punk. Still quite good

Things get techinal and industrial with Andrako. I randomly found these songs online and they pound away at your brain until you surrender to the industrial metal.

 We stay metallica but get thrasy with Armor Column. They have a tad too much power metal in their music for it to be a regular listen right now but I will definitely be paying attention

We get way more chill with A Garden Overgrown. They play a very post rock version of screamo. A lot of the time there's more post rock than screamo and there's very little post rock that I actually like. They reformed this year and these are tracks from their new ep.

We shift out of post rock but stay emotional and finish with Talis Vita. They could be compared to Your City/State but screamo instead of emo and way more punk.. These guys are loud and they don't really give a shit if you care or like it.