Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Voltang - 2016 - Bad Sounds (LP)

Voltang is a hard rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Bad Sounds is their sophomore LP following up 2015's Hermaphrodite. Voltang play a riff heavy brand of hardcore punk unafraid of exploding into post-hardcore on a dime. The opening trio of Electric Boogaloo, Slaughterhouse Of Blues and Lunatic Slick sum up what Voltang does on Bad Sounds. They starts with punked up, raunchy, danceable rock and roll and proceeds to deconstruct and explode those rough and ready pieces.

Electric Boogaloo starts the album off with a bang, the vocalist sounds like a more deranged Neil Fallon of Clutch while the band behind him pummels the riff into the ground.  Slaughterhouse Of Blues continues the high energy rock with a danceable groove while Lunatic Slick takes the aggressive rock and roll and turns it up to 11 through the infusion of post-hardcore, bringing in some clean vocals before deconstructing the song completely. Other highlights include Feelin' Kinda Funny, Accoutremonster and Super Awesome Laser Planet. If you're looking for some filthy, energetic rock & roll to power your evening of debauchery Voltang's Bad Sounds will serve well.