Thursday, February 02, 2017

PeaceCraft Ep 01

Griffin McElroy is a podcaster, senior editorial video producer for and all 'round hilarious person. He cohosts a comedy advice podcast called My Brother My Brother And Me with his two brothers Justin & Travis, cohosts Rose Buddies about The Bachelor with his wife Rachel as well as DM's a Dungeons & Dragons podcast called The Adventure Zone with his brothers and their father Clint. With Justin he hosts Monster Factory where they manipulate character creation tools to create nightmares.

He also cohosts multiple YouTube shows on Polygon with Nick Robinson, these include  Cool Games Inc (ruining/improving game ideas), Car Boys ( soft body horr) & Touch The Skyrim (Mod skyrim as much as possible). Griffin recently completed a Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge and was inspired to do his latest show for Polygon, PeaceCraft. He is attempting a pacifist run of World Of Warcraft while also imposing Amazing Race like arbitrary rules. Enjoy!