Monday, February 06, 2017

Mechina - 2016 - As Embers Turn To Dust (LP) (Done)

Mechina is a progressive metal band from Chicago, Illinois, America. As Embers Turn To Dust is their seventh LP since forming in 2004 and continues the heavy metal space opera they have been composing. Mechina play thrashy, progressive & symphonic metal with the lyrics picking up the plot from previous albums. Their sound is not complicated, start with some thrashy, djent flavoured guitars, add some piano and compose symphonic epics with multiple textures and atmospheres. The result, Mechina's latest LP, is equally at home scoring a science fiction film as being blasted from the stage.

The songs slide beautifully into each other, clearly picking up where the last left and off and moving the story forward musically if not lyrically. Highlights include Creation Level Event, Division Through Distance, The Synthesia Signal and Godspeed, Vanguards. If you're looking for some epic, thrashy symphonic metal to soundtrack your voyage through the cosmos, Mechina's As Embers Turn To Dust will serve well.