Monday, January 23, 2017

Thunder And Lightning - 2016 - The Ages Will Turn (LP)

Thunder And Lightning is a heavy metal band from Berlin, Germany. The Ages Will Turn is their fifth LP since forming in 2004. featuring guests spots from Máté Bodor from Alestorm and Der Schulz from Unzucht. Thunder And Lightning play a thrashy brand of speed metal with hints of power and traditional heavy metal citing Iron Maiden, Iced Earth and Blind Guardian. They manage to be progressive without being pretentious. The guitars have that classic power & speed metal sound nailed, filling it out with buckets of riffs and varying rhythms to keep things interesting.

The singer has a voice suited to power metal, more than capable of that required arena filling, epic sound but is also able to bring it down to a more aggressive thrashy shout when needed. Just when you think you've nailed down where Thunder And Lightning are going, the next song brings in completely different influences and the head banging continues. Highlights include The Ravaging Overture, Welcome To The Darkside, Black Eyed Child, Eternally Awake, One Blood and Hysteria. If you're looking for a band that effortlessly blends traditional, power, speed and thrash into a tasty metal concoction Thunder And Lightning's The Ages Will Turn will serve well.